The Book of Revelation

A No-Nonsense Guide

Guy Chapman, Canon Emeritus of Winchester Cathedral – 2009

Even among Christians the Book of Revelation is a largely unknown book. To some it is a book of mumbo jumbo best avoided. Many more think of it as a sort of “Curate’s Egg” – good in parts, and the rest to be avoided. Most Christians will be familiar with the first three chapters and with the end of chapter 7, and then jump to chapter 21. At the other extreme are those who seem to live their whole life in it, building their theology from it rather than from the Gospels and Epistles. Sadly it has often become the playground of extremists which has tarnished its reputation. A great Book cries out to be rediscovered in all its glory.

The guide has been written to aid individual or group study of the Book of Revelation. It may be freely reproduced without asking permission.  Click here  to download a copy of the guide in Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf). (Dial-up users should note that the file is 400KB.)

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